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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Jens ★★★★

    Laatzen Dec 23, 2020 Cowboy 3

    Clean, minimalistic stylish bike with some flaws I fell in love with the bike from the start. I like the design, the look and feel, that the battery can easily be removed, the speed, no shifting and the belt drive. The smoothness is fantastic and after 550km and some months of having used it, i love riding it. However i had some troubles with it as well, the spikes haven't been tight enough and a bike shop needed to tighten them (a lot) after a bit of riding. The shipment did some scratches to the bike before i even have ridden the bike for the first time. And then there are the missing features, which take some nerves. I knew what i got myself into, but it could and should be easier to install / get a bike stand, and other accessories... The updates i did to my bike however make it amazing: spike reflectors, bike stand from decathlon, luggage rack from decathlon, Redshift ShockStop suspension in the handlebar, suspension in the seating stem. I would recommend the bike to urban / sporty people who can handle a fast and hard ride and have fun beating the traffic.

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