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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Olivier ★★★★★

    Brussels Sep 13, 2018 Cowboy 1

    The Cowboy is a well conceived, well made and well working electric bike, that keeps it's website promises and delivers daily riding pleasure.
    I've had much more expensive electric bikes, but this one is close to the zero-default in terms of conception and riding.
    The main advantages I would point out are its weight and agility, the fantastic assistance of the motor, making every ride effortlessly enjoyable, the app interface user-friendliness and the frame geometry.
    Ah, and, yes, the total absence of commands on the handlebars!!
    So far, I've ""loaded"" my Cowboy with: raised handlebars, a ring (it's legally mandatory, guys...), suspended seat, fenders (curana for an awsome look), back rack with ortlieb brown bags, a tail light and a stand. It's now ready for my daily commutes in the city, all-year-long!
    Thanks and kudos to the Cowboy Team!

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