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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Tjeerd ★★★★

    Amsterdam Oct 24, 2020 Cowboy 3

    Great bike! Gorgeous to look at and largely a joy to ride. Five major improvement points: - The breaks are squeaking loudly EVERYtime I use them. - No kickstand... This is extremely annoying and, to be honest, a total rip-off on a bicycle in this price range. This honestly pisses me off every single day. - The top speed is simply too low to be truly satisfying. +5KPH is absolutely necessary to not be structurally overtaken by the elderly on any other possible e-bike brand. Great source of daily irritation. - If your phone battery runs dry, you cannot operate your bike electrically anymore (ride support, lock, lighting, you name it). Besides this, I am very happy with it.

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