Reviews Cowboy e-bike Eurobike 2017 - Award Winner

About Eurobike

Eurobike is an international bicycle fair held every year since 1991 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Thousands of visitors and journalists from all around the world attend the show. This is the biggest trade show in the industry with more than 50.000 visitors and 2.000 journalists on site.

Eurobike Awards celebrate companies that focus on innovation in bicycles and cycling accessories. Every year roughly 500 products compete to win an award given by a panel of 6 industry experts.

  • Eurobike 2017 - Award Winner

The judges evaluate the submitted products according to the criteria Degree of Innovation, Functionality, Design, Choice of Material, Workmanship, Sustainability, Price-Performance Ratio, Weight/Pack Size, Added Value.

The evaluation process consists of a digital pre-selection round and a judges‘ panel meeting. The judges‘ panel meeting comprises two days of testing and decision-making. The six remaining international judges decide together which products will receive an award.

“The Cowboy from the start-up of the same name is an urban pedelec with a cool design simply because of the battery included in the seat stem and the nicely integrated light. It helps to fill an existing gap on the market. Together with the accompanying app, this attractively priced pedelec also offers anti-theft protection and GPS tracking – an impressive all-round package.”

Statement by the Jury

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